What is A Towing Service?

A Towing Service is a company that specializes in towing cars. You can call them for various reasons, such as flat tires, accidents, and being stuck on the side of the road due to mechanical problems.

Towing service companies will remove your car from problematic situations; however, they should also provide you with fair and favorable options. For example, it usually gives you the opportunity to either:

  • Hire them outright with a flat fee for their services
  • Or sign an agreement stating that they will tow your car in some situations, while other situations will be charged a per-mile rate.

This option is advantageous for customers because they will have to compete for their services instead of them having full control over price and setting a price at which they are willing to tow your car.

Towing service companies can sometimes charge higher prices than those that local garages and mechanics would charge. However, by the law, these companies have to provide you with a current Towing Rate Card. Towing services that do not follow the Towing rate card can be fined and will have to pay out for what they charged over the approved rates.

The Towing Service Rate Card is provided on their websites, and printed forms available at Towing headquarters, Towing companies, and Towing Service vehicle locations. They must obey Towing rate laws that are set up in each state.

When you sign a contract with a Towing company, you may be charged for several services:

-Each time they are called on to tow your car out of a dangerous situation (flat tire, stuck on the side of the road due to mechanical issues, involved in an accident) will be charged a Towing Service fee.

The Towing Rate Card varies from state to state; however, Towing Services are required by law to have their rate card available for viewing.

Some Towing Companies offer 24 Hour Towing Services; however, Towing Service rates may be higher than what the Towing rate card allows if you are not a Towing Company Client.

Towing Companies offer Towing services for all types of vehicles: Cars, Trucks, RVs, and Motorcycles. 

It also provides other services such as 

  • Winching (Pulling out of Ditches), 
  • Towing for Impounded Vehicles (Vehicles Towed from a Parking Lot after a person fails to pay parking fees), 
  • Towing Service for Tractor Trailers and 
  • Towing Service when someone is Locked Out of their vehicle.

At Adam Towing & Recovery, we can provide you with Towing Service for your Tractor Trailers, Towing Service for Motorcycles, and Towing Services that include Winching.

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